Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid
Should NCAA athlete players get an income? NCAA athletes of any sport or division should be allowed to get paid. The NCAA makes an annual income of an estimate of almost one billion dollars. Many different colleges and universities make a lot of revenue from their athletic teams such as basketball, football, baseball, and etc. For many years many people have debated on whether or no these college athletes should be paid or not. With the amount of income that NCAA has been generating. Student athletes should not be paid because they are receiving a free education, free products, and free publicity.
With college sports being one the most watched sports it has made a lot of income. Being that so many people
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For college athletes school should be their first and top priority over everything else such as school activities and sports. By doing this it would send a message that an activity such as sports is more important than getting a higher at a prestigious college or university which is not a good sign. Also, playing sports in college for these college athletes is not a job but it’s a privilege for these young adults. College athletes should not be treated like they’re professional basketball players or professional football players because they’re not. College athletes are only amateur players who not professionals who get paid millions of dollars as their salaries. Once college athletes start getting paid they wouldn’t no longer be students of the school but they would be employees since they would be getting a fixed …show more content…
That means that if you’re playing a college sport you’re there for your own personal reason and not no one else’s reason for you being there. According to the James Wilson, “College athletics is an optional activity for college students, not a need. So it makes no sense to pay a student-athlete for an optional college activity. So if you are an athlete on a college team you need to realize your there by your own personal choice” (Wilson). Being there by your own choice is more than a good enough reason why you shouldn’t be paid to be there because it’s not a job it is an open activity or team that’s part of the school that anybody is able to join if their skills meet the coaches standards as well as the competition in the

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