Equality In Sports

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Sports today are so popular. Popular enough that they have become a big part of our lives. Sports began as far as we exist. Basketball started in 1891. Basketball was only a male 's sport in 1891. Then in the late 1800s, the rules were confirmed for women and at that point women started playing. Yet are men and women treated equally in sports? Are the opportunities the same for men and women? Do they have the same salary? They are far from similar. It all starts with school sports following Title IX, the media is included in the mix of it, and girls are not pay well as the males are.
Title IX is important to high school and college in sports and academics. Title IX was created in the 1970s by Congress. Title IX is a Federal law
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For example, back in my high school the girls ' basketball team only had 1 assistant coach, but the boy 's team had 4 assistant coaches. The school was bad about providing us equal amount of assistant coaches. That is where Title IX needed to come in. Kentucky sports in high school have a problem with treating teams equally and following Title IX, which is a problem. The more popular sports receive so much more than the less liked sports, like golf. I happened to play for one of the stronger sports, girls basketball but was treated unfairly compared to the boys ' basketball because our athletic director had favorites. When it came to Title IX, the boy 's team receive $6,000 from the schools funding. They got new Nike and Jordan home and away jerseys. Also, the whole team got Nike basketball shoes and practices jerseys. Now, the girls received $600 from the school funding, and we did not get enough uniforms for the whole team. This is unfair and can be unsanitary. This was …show more content…
That is 50 years later, yet women have been playing basketball for almost as long as men. These associations are huge in the world of sports, but there is a difference between the two of them. That is the difference in pay. The NBA makes millions every year. While the WNBA makes only thousands. The WNBA crowd is less than the NBA, yet they are just as entertaining. Most athletes who could play for the WNBA but chooses to play overseas. The reason for this is the money. The women in the WNBA perform just as well as their counterparts and they get paid less. I have two good friends that played for a semi-pro basketball team, and sometimes I work out with them. Their names are Camille and Mo. Both played for the University of Louisville and they are outstanding players and role models. Camille and Mo both had a chance to play in the WNBA, but they decided to go overseas because the money was so much better and they could help provided for their families. Both girls come from the similar background. They live in a poor section downtown, and all they ever wanted to do was get out of that area. They knew if they worked hard in high school and then in college, with the help of their talent in basketball, they could eventually earn enough money to help get their families and themselves out of downtown. When it comes to playing pro oversea teams pays so much more than the WNBA. Both Camille and Mo get

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