The Effectiveness Of Title IX

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Title IX- A Law Worth Keeping Title IX is a federal law created in 1972 that prohibits sexual discrimination in education and school athletics. Sexual discrimination in education can be interpreted as females not receiving equal scholarship opportunities as males, as well as women’s programs or men’s programs getting less funding so that the other gender’s programs may gain. The main reason that Title was created was to prevent sexual discrimination in places of education. Although some believe Title IX has its flaws and think that the law creates more discrimination, Title IX is a well rounded, effective law that is worth keeping. In 1971 there were only 294,015 females participating in school sports. After Title IX was introduced, record …show more content…
The law provides recourse for both men and women during cases of sexual discrimination and sexual harassment and abuse. This means that no school can offer a place or time where anyone could be put in a sexually violent situation. Some have argued that this takes away their academic freedom and their freedom of speech, but that isn’t the case at all. The law is designed to protect and provide a case for anyone who was ever in a harassment situation. If any education establishment has a place or time like this, then they are not in compliance with Title IX and they are breaking a federal law. Penalty for breaking this law could result in losing federal funds. “Although most institutions are not in compliance with Title IX no institution has actually lost any federal money,” (Title IX Q &A.) But, even though no schools have lost federal funds, some schools have had to pay attorney fees in court cases. This could have been avoided had they just been in compliance with the …show more content…
Title IX protects not only females but, “… males, and gender non-conforming students, faculty, and staff,” from all sex discrimination and violence, according to Dana Bolger. Bolger is the author of the article, “Know Your IX.” Although it may seem that females have gotten the better end of the deal after Title IX was created, the law itself just created a common ground for males and females. The creators of the law have the simple intentions of gender equality and safe living and learning on school

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