The Flaws Of Title IX: A Law Worth Keeping

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Title IX- A Law Worth Keeping Title IX is a federal law created in 1972 that prohibits sexual discrimination in education and school athletics. Sexual discrimination in education can be interpreted as females not receiving equal scholarship opportunities as males, as well as women’s programs or men’s programs getting less funding so that the other gender’s programs may gain. The main reason that Title was created was to prevent sexual discrimination in places of education. Although some believe Title IX has its flaws and think that the law creates more discrimination, Title IX is a well rounded, effective law that is worth keeping. In 1971 there were only 294,015 females participating in school sports. After Title IX was introduced, record …show more content…
Kelly comments that because Title IX has made it normal for females to be a part of high school and college sports, they now have a “whole new playing field…on which to find a connection.” Because daughters now can consistently participate in sports, they have more in common with their fathers and even with their other siblings than ever before. According to Kelly’s letter “men talk about coaching their kids... they get angry when their daughters’ teams are assigned old gyms and rundown fields…” All the while, their sons or just male teams in general get newer gyms and nice, groomed fields. Title IX provides women with equal opportunity so they get the best courts and fields just like the men have for so many years. Without nice fields and good courts, women cannot practice to their full potential.
In addition to being helpful for women when receiving benefits in regard to courts and equipment, it grants women the chance to get equal scholarship amounts. Many argue that women are still victims of sexual discrimination in regard to scholarships, both academic and athletic. But in all reality, men have actually taken quite the hit; women are now receiving four times more scholarship offers than men according to an article by Rachel Ny. This is an area that may need some revision to bring balance to the law. No one should suffer from this law; Title IX was created to give equal opportunities to

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