Women and the Media Essay

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The Perfect Female Body:

Long before beauty pageants, Barbie dolls, and extra-ordinarily beautiful girls, came about the idea of the female body. Whether you are a believer of creationalism, scientology, or evolutionism, somehow we all came about with the perception of the “perfect” female. Women have always been seen, and portrayed as a sex symbol, and usually the disobedient one. Dating back to B.C and the story of Adam and Eve, Eve was the naked one who bit into the fruit that god told her was forbidden. Why couldn’t it have been Adam that caused such scandal, and was the cause for destruction, and crime in the world, and not Eve? From the believed beginning of time, to present day, women have really only progressed a small
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(AAP); (“Sexuality, Conception, and the media” 2001) According to another online survey conducted on teenwire.org, about sixty percent of females between the ages of fourteen, and eighteen are having sex, and at the same time are uncomfortable about their body image. This is probably due to a lack of sex-education in the schooling systems, and excessive media influence. Female teenagers, especially, are the victims of most magazine columns, and television commercials which pressure them with the idea of “The perfect look.” This misconception of a “perfect” body image has had too much of an impact in women’s body dissatisfaction. Eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia have increased a great amount over the years, due to the rise of dissatisfaction, and low self-esteem. Popular film and television actors are becoming younger, taller, and slimmer as the years go by. Twenty years ago, models weighed 8% less then the average. Today, they weigh about 23% less than the average woman. (medialit.org) Women and young girls are pressured by the media, into being slim, and slender, as if it were a new season fashion trend. Various magazine columns and articles are urging women to lose those last twenty pounds, in order to “have it all.” By all, the magazines are emphasizing the perfect marriage, the perfect children, great sex, and a rewarding career. In fact, studies have shown that your physical attractions can bring you two steps ahead of

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