Miss Representation Research Paper

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Diana Torres
Professor Thompson
14 November 2016

The Affect Sex and Race Have on Our Country Historically, predominantly many white males have run the United States. Out of the forty-four presidents in our history, only Barack Obama has not fallen into the category of being a white male. Why is it that in our history there is an underrepresentation in diverse ethnicities and different sexes? In today’s society, race and sex are presented and perceived in a way that affects electability. Race and sex are used as tools to help voters decide which candidate to vote for. During an election a candidate’s minority status is taken into account. There has been a lack of diverse ethnicities and sexes in our society because of people’s perception.
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Media tends to attack women in politics harsher than men. The film Miss Representation explains the use of media when it comes to politics against women. The film states that “[media] trivializes women making them seem less powerful (Miss Representation, Erika Falk). In media women are used in a negative connotation while men get a more neutral or positive connotation. An example presented in Miss Representation is when media presents the same issue for both sexes “the female gets the negative verb while the man gets the neutral verb” (Miss Representation). Women are always attacked in media; the media finds a way to make people look bad but especially women. Women are seen as a minority and as incapable of holding a high position in politics. People see women as incapable of doing a good job while making decisions that impact the citizens. This is where voting comes into play. Depending on the view people have on women and the way they can manage power, demonstrates who is willing to vote for a woman. Media tends to appeal to the majority of people, and if voters hears negative views on a person, it is less likely for voters to vote in the candidate’s …show more content…
Women in society have many thoughts, ideas, and plans to offer, especially in terms of politics. Women are capable of making the same decision or a better decision and having an idea just like men. Female stereotypes are based off of ancient thinking, and it has become a norm in today’s society. Women are stereotyped to be mood swinging, unstable people which is not true. This thought degrades women, making them seem unfit for a position that deals with major decisions. Therefore, stereotyping women is against a female candidate who is trying to gain political power. People who stereotype woman or agree with the stereotype, in most cases, do not vote for female candidates. Another example is when a male is having sexual relations with a woman, it gets looked over, but if a woman were to have sexual relations with another male, it will be scandalous. Sex has not been accepted in today’s political society. Instead of voters being so fixated on being afraid of a female holding political power it should be supported. Women allow a different perspective and allow opportunities for innovation. The idea of women being incapable should be

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