Women in Psychology Psy 310 Essay examples

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Women In Psychology


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PSY 310

Aril 28, 2012


Inez Beverly Prosser, Psychologist

Inez Beverly Posser (1895-1934) was America’s first Black female psychologist. http://www.apa.org/monitor/2008/11/prosser.aspx . Not only is this significant in itself, it is also the adversity she overcame growing up to get there. And later, in the profound research in her dissertation that caused controversy as well as groundbreaking discoveries regarding education and integration vs. segregation as it relates to psychology. Inez was born into a family with 10 other siblings where she
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At a time when prejudice ran deep, where women were trying to gain equality, and segregation was still in force; most citizens would not even consider or given much thought on such a controversial topic as segregation vs. integration. Nor was there ever any studies, that I am aware of, as to how it affects the students themselves. Inez was way beyond her time in not 4 only her acceptance as a psychologist by her peers, but in her dissertation where she voiced her results of the study. She was a pioneer for Black women in the field of psychology. Sadly, Inez’s life was cut short in a tragic car crash near Shreveport, La. after returning from a visit with her family in Texas. She was 38 years old at the time of her death. (An approximation, since her actual birth date is unknown) Thankfully, she was able to help six of her siblings financially to attend college, and was instrumental in helping many black students in gaining college funds for college and graduate school. (para 8) Since her untimely death at such a young age, it begs one to wonder, how much more she could have contributed to the field of psychology? The inscription on her tombstone reads: “How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here”. I guess this is a question that is the sentiment of

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