Women Can Make A Difference Everywhere Essay

1924 Words Dec 10th, 2015 8 Pages
Women can make a difference everywhere Women have always been rising to new levels each year. They accomplish things that people never thought they could do 50 years ago. Women have just ventured into a new task that has started great controversy in the United States. Women all over the US have been enlisting in the military, not just one branch but all of them. They have gone into the air force, to on the ground with marines. They have taken this on by storm and many people do not like how it’s turning out. Men say that women aren’t cut out for war but almost every man that fights beside these women say that they excel in what they do. The men in combat think of these women just like another man. They would put their life on the line for them just like they would any other fellow solider. So why is this such a problem for so many people? People say it isn’t in a woman’s play for war but places like Egypt and Israel it is required. They say women aren’t cut out for it but in many fields in the military women are doing better than a man is. Others say war just is not a place for women, but they have always been told they can’t do things and then end up overcoming it. All the factors are playing into this controversy. The depth of all these will be covered in this argumentative synthesis.
One of the biggest arguments used is that women are not capable of fighting in war. Women have been labeled as to ladylike for war. This stereotype is being defied in other parts of the…

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