Women And Women Working On International Assignments Essay

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Another study conducted in India considered in what ways men and women behave similarly in the workplace and how they are perceived by the rest of the employees. For example, the message a simple family photograph on a work desk can mean different things for man and a woman (Kaushik N., Sharma, and Kaushik V. 92). A man with a family picture on his desk will more likely be perceived as a gentleman who cares for his family, whereas a woman with the same picture will be thought of as a less productive asset because her priorities are her home-life and not her work (Kaushik N., Sharma, and Kaushik V. 92). Although the actions of both the man and the woman are exactly the same, the message perceived by other employees is drastically different – indicating the presence of gender stereotypes in the workplace. The Canadian Center of Science and Education used this stereotype to then study the performance levels of expatriate men and women working on international assignments (Bhatti, Sundram, and Hoe 27). The study concluded that women tend to perform better than their male counterparts in foreign nations, especially in multicultural scenarios (Bhatti, Sundram, and Hoe 32). Not only does this attest that women are naturally underestimated for their abilities and skills, but it also demonstrates how valuable an asset diversity is in the workforce. A working environment with a balanced distribution of men and women can certainly bring some benefits to the company, but a working…

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