Women And Misrepresentation Of Women In The Media

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The title of the documentary is very significant because it makes a powerful argument about women in the media. The argument that this documentary makes is that women are not properly represented in the media and that they are both misrepresented and underrepresented and this is proven in numerous ways throughout the documentary.
The way women, specifically women reporters, are addressed in the media is a very big problem. When they are shown in the media, people tend to attack women for things such as the way they are dressed, how much skin they have showing, and how much makeup they are wearing instead of what they are talking about, unlike their male counterparts. Males in the media are not judged based on what they wear or look like, they
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However, with men, they are simply described as stating a fact or explaining something. This is a discriminating thing to do on the part of the media because it gives off this idea that women complain and whine while men are stronger emotional figures.
In the media, women over forty years old tend to disappear. This is an extremely big problem considering women over forty tend to make up a pretty significant portion of society.
This tactic of showing very few women over the age of forty gives an unreal expectation of youthfulness. It is a misrepresentation of what women are really like. With women in the media not being shown over a certain age, we are given an unrealistic idea that once women hit a certain age or become “old” they are no longer active in their society and they should hide away and not been seen anymore.
Earlier in the twentieth century, women were portrayed completely differently, and in my opinion more accurately, than they have been in the later part of the twentieth century and still into today’s society. Women used to be shown in both movies and television shows as smart, sophisticated, classy and clever. Their characters had depth and wisdom and were

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