Windward Island Banana Corporation: SWOT Analysis

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According to (Passenheim, O. (2010), pg. 24), SWOT Analysis is a valuable method for assessing an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and for ascertaining the opportunities available to them as well as the threats faced. The website, further states that in the business environment, a SWOT assists with the shaping of a viable position in the market they operate. It is most influential because it can help discover opportunities which the business is positioned to achieve.
Conversely, when an enterprise understands their weaknesses, it is easier to mitigate and eradicate otherwise unexpected threats. Moreover, in a business environment, it necessitates, visualizing your business in comparison with your competitors through the use of a SWOT. The SWOT analysis assists in the preparation of strategies, aimed at differentiating one institution from another in a competing market environment.
Windward Island Banana Corporation (WIBDECO) had been in operation over 40 years as an agricultural
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Five years ago it rebranded to WINFRESH. WINFRESH grew its business from banana export and expanded into a range of fresh produce, and refreshing drinks (The Freshest And Tastiest Fairtrade Caribbean Produce. (n.d.). I rely on WINFRESH’s longevity in business and its market experience to derive at what I believe to be its important strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. Firstly, the company has the advantage (strength) of being the prominent leaders in the agricultural market in St. Lucia and the Caribbean with a number of its original staff members still employed with the company across the Windward Islands. That advantage places them in a position where they can fordge ties with external banana companies (the Dominican Republic) and can quickly change their fruit purchasing direction in times of disaster and during periods where seasonal fruits are unavailable on the market. Its weakness is that their raw material is vulnerable to

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