Coffee And Chocolate Swot Analysis Essay

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It is common when it comes to the establishment of competitive advantage in business that organization will follow certain strategies to arrive to such competiveness. The organizations will consider assessing its business and its related processes and procedures by utilizing the so-called SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is mainly used when preparing business strategies to compare favorable and unfavorable aspects to the business objectives and such aspects could be internally or externally. During the course of such assessment the organizations review its strengths, which involve its capabilities, competitive advantages, resources, assets, competent personnel, experience, knowledge and unique selling points.
Further to the above, the organizations focus on its weaknesses such, gaps in competences, lack of competitive strength and reputation, The organization, during the course of assessment will look into the external threats that prevent the realization of success and these could involve IT developments, market demand, New technologies and new services. Furthermore, external opportunities are considered to be crucial element for the business, as organizations will review and make use of such opportunities once dealt with relevant threats.
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It will also explain the reasons why the match was of importance and how the strategy will support such match.
During the process of assessing the “Custom Coffee and Chocolate” case study, some matches appeared to be of great significance in the establishment of strategies for business success and achievement of business objectives, which ultimately creates economical benefit, generates profits and forms strong reputation. The matches below appeared to be significant for they demonstrate the best planning strategies for the

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