William Shakespeare 's The Tragedy Of Othello Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Othello the Moor of Venice Shakespeare leaves the character of Iago’s sexuality to be questioned. Although Iago has a wife, he drops slight hints throughout the play that he has homosexual thoughts or feelings toward other characters, but he uses his position in the military and his fear to suppress these feelings. These “hints” are shown through his wildly questionable story about Michael Cassio, his word choice when describing Othello, and his discourse with Roderigo. This means an actor that plays Iago has to choose whether to portray Iago as homosexual, straight, or both. Through Iago’s story of Cassio’s dream, Shakespeare not-so-slyly hints that Iago has some homesexual thoughts. While this event actually did not happen, it certainly brings up some questions. Iago describes the event, “He plucked up kisses by the roots/ That grew upon my lips, lay his leg o’er my thigh..... and then cry ‘Cursèd fate/That gave thee to the Moor”(3.3.423-424, 425-426). Iago is wide awake during this scene and Cassio is asleep, supposedly dreaming of Desdemona. If Iago resolute about his sexuality, he would have woken Cassio up before things escalated. The word “grew” suggests the kisses had been happening for a long time until they reached Iago’s lips. When Cassio’s leg laid “O’er his thigh,” the two would be in an extremely awkward condition for allegedly “two” firmly-handed heterosexuals and again Iago would have woken Cassio. “Cursèd…

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