Literary Elements In Othello

Marcus Kopp
Mr. Vetter
AP English Literature
October 16, 2015

The setting of Othello is crucial for the reader to better understand when the play is in a state of order or chaos. The play Othello takes place in both Venice, Italy and an island right off of Italy called Cyprus. In Venice, Italy, the play is set to be a city where everything in the play is ordered and when the play is set on the island of Cyprus, it is said that the play is in a chaotic state. William Shakespeare’s 1604 poem “Othello” demonstrates how Shakespeare uses the conventional poetic form to show how the main character, Iago’s villainy and how it enhanced his work.
Iago is the antagonist of the play “Othello.” The reason why he enhances the play as a villian is
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There is a backstory about a handkerchief that is really important to how Iago does it. The handkerchief was given to Desdemona by Othello as a gift. Iago tells his wife Emilia to try and get the handkerchief from her. Desdemona had accidently dropped the handkerchief and Emilia remembers that Iago wants it. Iago is going to use that handkerchief to frame Cassio having an affair with Desdemona. When Iago received the handkerchief he plants it on Cassio to try to prove to Othello that his wife and Cassio are having an affair. After Iago plants it, he goes up to ask Othello about it, and then concedes that he saw “…Cassio wipe his beard with,” (Othello 807). Iago, later, sets it up so Othello sees the Cassio and Desdemona talking, “While Cassio and Desdemona are talking, Iago entices Othello into view of the pair, and speaks vague innuendoes.” (Database). Iago’s villainous plan seems to be working perfectly, Othello wants to kill his wife and Roderigo will do anything that Iago tells him.
Iago doesn’t just go for Othello, he also treated Roderigo as a inferior. To help his case to get the lietenient position, he asks Roderigo to hide and kill Cassio. Iago was in a space hidden apart from the scuffle and “…When Roderigo is wounded by Cassio, Iago, who had been standing nearby, stabs Cassio. In the scuffle Iago stabs Roderigo
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His contemplations are, for the most part, to be blamed on Iago. Iago is told about Othello’s plan and Iago doesn’t directly tell Othello, but informs him that he should go through with it. Later that night, Othello goes through with it and kills his wife. When someone (Emilia) finally speaks up for Iago’s villainy, he puts them to death too. With him willing to kill his wife and then just leave the scene, shows that he doesn’t care what he did, making him a true convict.
It is clear to see that Iago is the villain of Shakespeare’s play “Othello.” He is a disloyal friend to Roderigo, he treats his wife as is she is a serve to him, and lied to his army leader to the extent that Othello went and killed his own wife. Without Iago’s villainy in this play, the reader can look at it as if there would be no plot at all. The whole story that he made up about Cassio and Desdemona’s affair, there would be revenge to Othello because he gave the job to a less deserving Michael Cassio, and Roderigo would be way better off without his “friend” telling him to give all of his money to his “friend” would have never happened without the true villainy of the antagonist of “Othello,”

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