Annotated Bibliography: Shakespeare's Othello

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Annotated Bibliography

Bloom, Harold. "Othello." New Haven, US: Yale University Press (2005): 259. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 1 Nov. 2016.

The author, Bloom, firmly establishes the multiple occasions that racism is a

major element in the play Othello. He describes the intended reason the character,

"Othello", is a colored man, rather than similar color to the other characters. He clearly states his opinion on his belief that Shakespeare is perhaps a racist man. He proves his belief by mentioning the several scenarios Shakespeare incorporates into the play,

conveying stereotypes pointing towards colored individuals. For instance, "Othello", a colored man, plays the role of a "wife murder" and "jealous moor". This provides

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"Talking Shakespeare." Gordonsville, US: Palgrave Macmillan (2000): 9. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 1 Nov. 2016.

This e-book plays off the debate of whether race is the overall theme of Othello, or if racism is considered an underlying aspect in the intended theme? The writer is showing

evidence for both arguments stating it 's mostly open to the reader for interpretation. The author states the topic of race can be viewed as a theme alone, or can be considered a

leading factor to the main theme of the story, love. For example, some readers may

believe racism is a moral theme itself, while others may view it as a important element in providing there is no limit to true love. Overall, the author gives great consideration to both sides of the argument, however the general agreement is that it 's truly the audiences opinion.

I will utilize this source to prove the argument between weather Shakespeare presents the reader with a set theme of racism, or if he simply provides the reader with the element of race and leaves the interpretation up to the reader
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I will use this source as an introduction to my writing about Shakespearean themes used in Othello.

"From being an outsider of some kind, Othello is, in fact, a very central play, locking

together some crucial Shakespearian themes and preoccupation."

(Rees 185).

Smith, Shawn. "Love, Pity, and Deception in Othello." Papers on Language and Literature 44.1

(2008): 3. ProQuest. Web. 25 Oct. 2016.

The author of this article presents to the reader an overview of Shakespearian theme

utilized in the story Othello. He categorizes all the emotions revealed in the story into two main themes; love and pity. The writer further argues specific scenarios in the play where these themes can be distinguished. Likewise, he brings awareness to the symbols that 'prove ' the themes of love and pity. For example, the handkerchief and the wedding bedsheets, hold a much deeper meaning in this play then simply a piece of cloth. He

makes note of the effects both themes make in the reader 's understanding and interaction throughout the play. Overall, the author brings recognition to the general themes he

believes Othello most distinctly

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