William Shakespeare 's ' The Crucible ' Essay

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Scene One

Characters: Russell - very careless, funny, normally energetic, is mean to most people except his close friends

Markus - Boastful, and sometimes speaks very monotone to be funny/ or sarcastic Darnell- Group friend leader, always funny, great athlete, not smart, give good advice to Russell
Setting: Location: During lunch, it’s a short day, this is near the outside table benches,
At Rise: At rise Russell is sitting at the school bench, thinking about how he’s going to be able to get out of the house this summer. Darnell and Markus are and happy about the school year ending. Russell, The main character is worried that he is not going to be able to hang out with his friends because his foster mom doesn 't give him much freedom. At the end of the scene, Russell walks home with another friend, named Tyrone

[Sitting at the lunch bench, looking off, in a thinking space, Feeling glum, talking to self ]
“Man I wish I lived somewhere else. I hate my foster mom. I wonder if she will finally let me have a chill summer. hopefully I won 't even get roasted on for have a bobo parent. Damn, here comes these goons.”

[walks up to russell, just finished a basketball game with Markus, in a good mood checking in on russell]
“Yo man wassup with you. You a loner now or something. why ain’t you playing ball with the rest of us. Or are you a weirdo. aye homie, what 's wrong with you?”

[Walks up to russell with darnell, has also just finished a…

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