Why We Need Better Gun Control Essay

771 Words Jan 28th, 2016 4 Pages
Everyday in our country more and more people are dying from guns. Which is why we need better gun control. The right to bear arms is starting to infringed on every ones right to pursue happiness. My whole life I have lived in Cleveland, Ohio and since it 's an open carry state. Meaning that it is legal to carry a gun as you walk down the street, as long as you have a license. The fear of being shot by a gun is all to high. We need better gun control because people getting shot is becoming all to common in our country, and we have so many other options that we can use that isn 't a gun. As I stated earlier, people getting shot is becoming all to common. It is so common to hear about somebody getting shot by a police officer, that people can continue on with there day as if nothing had happened. For example, 12 year old Tamar Rice was shot by police officers, even though he had a BB gun. Also when the 911 report was called in it, the witness is reported as saying that it was probably fake. But that didn 't matter because as soon as they arrived on scene, they jumped out the car and shot him. As you can see I don 't only believe that their needs to be better gun control for civilians, but for the police departments in the United States of America as well. There are so many cases of police officers using there guns against people when it wasn 't necessary that it isn 't even shocking to hear about it. As for civilians we need better background test, a longer waiting period,…

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