Why Do Teenagers Make Mistakes

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Teenagers often make mistakes, it is apart of growing up. Making mistakes usually causes a consequence, which will give a punishment to the teenager. Punishments allow teenagers to learn from their mistakes and to not repeat the same wrong doing. The main problem for adults raising teenagers is if the youth even cares or thinks about their consequences. This is a big issue and some consequences can even ruin teenagers lives. Some people say teenagers are careless and do not think about the consequences of their actions, because the youth tends to make many mistakes. In my opinion, the majority of adolescents are not careless and do consider their consequences, because teenagers go to school, participate in after school activities, and they do not want to disappoint their loved ones.
Teenagers going to school everyday show they care. Some officials disagree, saying not all students go to school and fail out. Most students go to school, and graduate with average to above average grades. In order to go to school students and teenagers do consider their actions. School is important to most teens due to its
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Teenagers never enjoy disappointing their parents. Others argue some teens are careless, because their parents are too. Regardless of how a person's parents act, they still have feelings and care for their child. Teenagers often do good things and try to impress their parents. Right when teenagers get a good grade or a job they go and run to tell their family. Also, when teens get into trouble and make a mistake, the teenager will often try to make the story sound not as bad. Teenagers feel bad when their parents and family feel bad. Our human nature never likes to feel like a disappointment. The fact teenagers want to impress their parents shows they care and would not want to make a bad choice and make their family

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