Examples Of Taking Risks In Into The Wild By Chris Mccandless

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While reading the Time magazine article “Why the Teen Brain is Drawn To Risk”, I noticed the connections between the article and the character Chris McCandless from the book Into The Wild by author Jon Krakauer. I don't agree with the article when it says that risk taking occurs when teens are unaware of the dangers involved. Chris McCandless is a good example, because he knew the risks behind his venture into the great unknown. He knew what could go terribly wrong along the way, but still decided to take the risk. Teenagers take these risks because they don't have any responsibility to keep them accountable for their actions. Teenagers also tend to learn from their mistakes instead of learning from mistakes of others, because they can think …show more content…
Chris McCandless had no responsibility to keep in contact with his family or anyone for that matter so it made taking risks easier, because he didn’t have to think of his actions affecting his parents. He also did this with every person he met he would create friendships and slip out of their lives before “... flitting out of their lives before anything were expected of him” (Krakauer, pg. 39). When Krakauer wrote about McCandless mother he discusses a memory that his sister Carine recalled Chris wanting to take their dog Buck with him on these adventures. They thought the outcome might have been different if he took the dog because, “Chris didn’t think twice about risking his own life, but he never would have out Buckley in any kind of danger.” (Krakauer, page. 89). They thought Chris would be alive if he took Buck, because he would be responsible to keeping him safe, which would cause him to avoid danger. The statement that risk taking occurs when teens are unaware of the dangers involved is incorrect, because Chris McCandless knew the dangers of going up to Alaska and even tried to prepare himself to deal with these dangers. Teens are drawn to risk to prove a point to themselves that they can do it, or that they will learn from it in the end. However having responsibility causes a person to take less risky moves in

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