Cause And Effect Of Running Away Essay

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Have you ever thought about running away from home and never looking back? There are many teens that have either thought about running away, or have actually done it. There are many causes and also effects to a teenager running away, and both will be discussed. Sexual/Verbal abuse, violence, neglect, stress, school, or a bad break up is a list of some of the reasons why adolescents might run away.
Maybe that child does not get the love that he/she deserves from within the home. It could be that the juvenile does not feel like they are wanted. Teenagers are most likely not thinking about what could happen to them after they run away. They may turn to using drugs and alcohol, could be abducted, fall into prostitution, and eventually may start
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Instead of the child running away like a teenager, they tend to throw temper tantrums. There are better ways to handle problems, even if you would rather not face them.
When there is a problem that they would rather not face, some teens turn to running away as their answer.
Do not turn to doing something that could hurt you and damage your or even someone else’s life permanently. People like myself feel that neglect is one of the things that play a major role in adolescents running away. The definition of neglect is not being cared for. Teens still want attention from their mother or father, but they do not show it as much as a young child does. There is no child that does not wants their parents to be proud of them. Most will do any and everything to make sure that they make the

ones that mean the most to them proud of them. A parent saying that they are disappointed is the last thing that a youth wants to hear. Hearing things like “you are worth nothing” or “is that the best you can do” hurts more coming from your mother or father. Some adolescents go under major stress trying to please their parents, even though it seems like their parents may never feel proud of them. Some

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