Why Should I Study Hard When I Could Just Become An Average Student?

1622 Words Aug 14th, 2016 null Page
Why should I study hard when I could just become an average student? If you’re satisfied with having an average job, average friends, and an average life, then be my guest but personally I’m not an average person. I want more out of life, the finer things that only money can buy. Your study habits are an indirect impact on your future the difference between studying and not studying could be that summer internship, you miss out due to the fact you got a C- instead of your peer who got an A. During the summer, I have learned various study skills in my College study skills class, such as active reading skills, test taking strategies, different types of an academic mindset, and using resources around campus. I was putting all of these in practice for the first time during the summer of STP. On a scale of one to ten they have been a nine with a success rate my grades improved drastically once I implemented them. I plan my assignments very well, I have two planners a physical one and a digital one on my phone. These practices help me create an action plan and have become a vital part in planning my study methods. Active reading skills have become a major part of doing my chapter readings. Before reading, I go over the bolded headings; write down questions so that while I read I can better understand the information. I find as though creating questions is what I do well to help me study for each exam. For the upcoming exam I will change my mindset from the readings aren’t…

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