Why Sex Change Is A Mistake Essay

1297 Words Oct 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Why Sex Change is a Mistake Imagine feeling as if you’re not in the body you’re supposed to be in. You feel as though you want to change, become someone else, experiment; so you go under the knife. Eager to feel complete and become “normal”, you disregard the many red flags, and without thinking twice, go through a whole sexual transition. The anesthesia wears off, and you wake up. At first you feel soreness, but soon you realize that you’re no longer who you used to be. You realize that what you thought would be the solution to all your problems, just became the biggest problem ever. This is the case for many people who go through sexual reassignment surgery. Sex change surgery is only a cosmetic procedure to make it look like a change was made, when in fact no female “parts” are used. Furthermore, people should think twice, and research before receiving a sex change. Many people change their minds shortly after; this can lead to depression, and the surgery does not fix the underlying delusional psychological problems that caused them to want surgery. As human beings we are very indecisive creatures by nature. We can change our minds within seconds, and change it right back. Many people who undergo a sextual transition are dealing with issues that can not be helped by just changing genital genders. “Although gender identity problems range from simple unhappiness about one 's sexual role to the conviction of being trapped in the wrong body, gender surgery is often…

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