Why Is The Bible Reliable

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The Bible is one of the oldest pieces of literature that exists. It has been written and rewritten in many different languages, with each translation having its own mistakes and contradictions. Not only could some argue that the Bible has been lost in translation, but it does not help that it was also written by many different authors. There is not just one source of the Bible but many. All of these facts bring into question the reliability of the Bible. Is the Bible reliable enough to build a religion around? The Bible is not a reliable source due to the amount of time it was in circulation before it was possible for it to be cross checked by multiple individuals and the issues of translating such a large book throughout time. Let us consider why the Bible is unreliable.

There is not a one hundred percent accurate date that the Bible was created. Although, most people agree that the Bible was written around 1400 BC or that it was in the process of being written and was not yet fully completed. The age of the Bible alone
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Although the Bible says in Proverbs Chapter 30 “Every word of God proves true…Do not add to his words” every person has their own ideologies that guide their actions. The Bible itself proclaims that since the fall of man into sin we are now born in it, inherently sinful by nature. Now instead of relying on the integrity of one person, one would have to rely on the integrity of many people. What I mean by this is the reader of the Bible would not only have to take the word of the original author of the text, but also the distributer’s word. The problem with having people rewrite the Bible is that it allows whoever is willing to take the time to rewrite it to change the Bible as they see fit. In 1400 BC humanity had different ideologies and beliefs than they do now. The same can be said for time periods all throughout history. Back then, and to some extent today too, people used religion as a way

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