Importance Of Old Testaments

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Many Christians today struggle to define the right relationship with God. We often do not believe that we need to follow God’s instructions or the words from the chose prophets in the Old Testaments. Old testaments were written many centuries ago. Christians nowadays often conclude that the instructions and words of God from the Old testaments are too old to be reflected with their daily Christian living in 21st centuries. Instead of ignoring the importance of Old testaments, we need to reinterpret in modern words and absorb the teachings from the Old Testaments. There are so many stories and incidents of Christian history in Old Testaments telling us how to do keep the right relationship with the only God and how to get involved in God’s history. …show more content…
And this Noachic covenant has not been broken till today. Our God is loving us and still has the remorse that He has punished and extinguished His beloved creations. He will continue to love and forgive us.
Noah found the land after the great Deluge and the history of Israel flourished with the relationship that is replete with promises and covenants between God, people and the land. God promised Moses that He will “[bring them] out of Egypt” (Joshua 24:6). And He did it. After exodus from Egypt, God promised Israelites that He will give the land. And He did it. Once they finally conquered and subdued the Promised Land, the covenant between Yahweh and Israel was renewed.
God has kept all the promises He has made. Before people ask for their needs, God already knows, “acts first and calls people to respond” (Wright 25). God responded Israelites demand and granted the economical covenant, the land. In return for keeping the covenant, God wanted to hear the covenant from the people. There was a covenant with the Lord, those were delivered by Joshua.
His people will serve Him
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The covenants are depicted as the agreements between God and man. They are the promises that we can have only with God. Joshua confirms that other gods did not Israelites pray or cry, yet Yahweh proved who was truly their God by leading His people with blessings. Our Christian history is composed of the series of God’s covenantal relationship since Adam and Eve’s era. In the ethical-moral triangle, if God, people and the land are the angles, then the covenants are the three sides which connects the three pillars. We can easily interpret the covenant between God and the people as the covenant between a bride and a groom. By fulfilling their covenants, they are meant to joyously live and express their love for one another. The covenant that was given to Israelites and us, needs to be kept in order to express our love, compassion and gratitude for Yahweh always being there for them. We serving only Him will please Him enough for Him to unconditionally love

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