Belsshazzar's Dream Research Paper

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known as, Belshazzar defiled items that belonged to the holy temple, they were drinking wine out of the goblets. God sent a warning to Belshazzar: A hand appeared and wrote a message on the wall., Daniel had to interpret the riddle. The interpretation was read as,” Mene, Tekel, Parsin. “Warning of Judgement: Belshazzar king kingdom would be divided between, Persian, Medes, and the prophecy will be fulfilled every night.” (FN)
God had to deal with the disobedience of this leader and show his sovereignty. Here, God’s put down one king d and elevates another; God is in control over humankind.
Isaiah 9:6.” There will be a king coming and His names will be called wonderful counselor mighty king, Everlasting Father, prince of peace the government
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The image in Nebuchadnezzar 's dream revealed how God raise and fall of the great empires in human history (Dan 2:31-43). Up until now, the dream has proven entirely accurate because the Lord Jesus Christ controls human and everything in history. Nevertheless, Daniel had been in Babylon for seventy years;Daniel explained the handwriting of God on the wall to Belshazzar and how the kingdom had been stripped from him (Dan 5:25-28). Here’s is another example, “ The Lord stripped the kingdom away from Solomon, However, Solomon 's lifetime because Solomon 's blessing was through association with David (1 King 11:10-13). Solomon had an opportunity to submit to the Sovereignty of God, but he rejected the Sovereign design of God and was cursed. (KJV). The Handwriting on the Wall: Daniel 5: This event occurred 530 B.C.However, Darius the Mede, his new kingdom, had one hundred and twenty provinces and each had a governor and three presidents. Isaiah predicted the fall of Babylon over two hundred years. Isa. 21:1-10; In Daniel 6:1-9, there was an evil plan emerging, they were trying to take over Daniel’s life, by being mischief and conjuntureing.; Note,” What the devil meant for bad, God will turn it around for the good, thus, Darius was tricked an into signing a thirty-day decree, which read that, “praying must be directed to the king himself. God used Darius and Daniel , to sign this decree for …show more content…
God is worthy to be praised in the earth as well by all human beings, He is the Creator, of the universe. Ps. 47:2,7. God is so Sovereign Daniel knew,, God had a covenant with Israel, However, Israel had five unpardoned sins (1). They mocked the messenger of God (2).Misused the prophets of God, they were out of God’s will. (3). The Bible informed us touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.. God has given his chosen, call and elect power, no one should come against their authority. (4). They abused the goodness of God. (5). The people forgot they needed mercy, grace, guidance, and leadership, so, God’s wrath came against the people. 2 Chronicle. 36:15-17. Humans will do their own will, such as Judas Isiacort. and Joseph’s brothers ,who placed him in a pit and sold him into slavery in Egypt. God will not allow wickedness to take over his universe, and defile the holy place. Ps. 79:1-. The Israel people’s mindset had been changed during the years they had been in captivity , physically and spirirtually. God had to exhibit and demonstrate miracles, just as he did with Nebuchadnezzar and Darius. . God had to show them who was God. This is where his soveriegnty shows up through signs , mircales and wonders. Henry H. Haley’s Bible Handbook. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Zondervan

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