Why Is The American Government Show Such Little Responsibility With The Great Power They Possess?

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Why then does the American government show such little responsibility with the great power they possess? The concept of freedom has been a contested subject for ages in the United States. It has assumed various meaning during the different stages of the American history. Mass surveillance has become a tool of political domination. However, technologies being used to monitor people.
During the era of the founding fathers, it stood for liberation from political authoritarianism. Freedom in the current American society has turned out to be a significant subject matter over the past couple of years after the terrorist attack that took place on 11th September 2001. Several aspects that are associated with the steps taken by the federal government in the effort to counter terrorism has drawn considerable criticism from both the public and Congress (Puddington and Melia). Some of the steps were taken by the government that have been opposed include; telecommunications monitoring within the United states, incarceration and questioning of individuals suspected to be terrorist in unknown prisons. These concerns have escalated some of the long-standing criticisms against the American system. According to Jonathan Turley, a Shapiro Professor of Law, arbitrary justice is now a norm in the United States, with the president having powers to decide whether an individual would face charges in a military or federal court (Turley). This is a worrying fact since it can allow for the abuse of…

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