The Importance Of Privacy In The United States

According to the United Nations, privacy is basic human right that should be protected by law. The United States Constitution also implies a right to privacy in the Fourth Amendment. Recent laws passed by the government have raised questions about whether the government’s actions infringe upon a citizen’s right to privacy. The USA Patriot Act was the first of many laws that increased the powers of government organizations such as the NSA and the FBI. The law allowed these agencies to access private records of US citizens without the need of a warrant or judge’s consent. This private information includes phone records, banking statements, and medical reports. Though the Supreme Court has supported the Patriot Act, the law still seems to conflict with parts of the Constitution and infringe upon basic human rights of an individual. The fourth amendment to the United States Constitution protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures unless there is a …show more content…
The Patriot Act violates this right by allowing the government to intercept the communications of innocent civilians. Under the Patriot Act, intercepting communication no longer requires a judge’s approval. Older wiretapping laws were bypassed through the Patriot Act and now provide the FBI with easy access to emails and voicemails. Phone records, voicemails, and emails are all important forms of communication that may contain sensitive information. When there is greater judicial oversight, there is greater review of available evidence and warrants can be used to specify what information will be collected by the agency. By bypassing judges, the agencies have the ability to gather unnecessary information that does not pertain to their investigations. When such irrelevant private information of individuals is viewed or seized, the government is infringing upon the privacy of

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