Why Is Fast Food Ethical

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Reasons Against the Claim:
(I) Mass production of fast-food is ethical because large fast-food chains across the country are able to hire thousands of employees to keep up with the demand for their product. Large corporations like Taco Bell, Burger King and Jack in the Box always have new positions available for the public, and often these jobs only require a general education diploma at minimum. By keeping the cost of goods relatively low to create their products, fast-food chains are able to hire more employees to produce and offer their service to more consumers on a larger scale. According to Fast Food Nation, corporations like McDonalds hire around 1 million workers in the US every year, with approximately a 150 turnover rate. Since
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Since these corporations are constantly competing with other each other to see who is the most profitable, they become innovative in ways to make even more money. It is in the best interest of the employees to continue to bring profits in or else they will lose their jobs, along with thousands of others. With any large corporation, the employees understand that it requires a group effort for everyone to work together to compete ethically with their competitors. The capitalistic mindset that a great majority of corporations have, allow for there to healthy competitions among other corporations that have the same intentions of making …show more content…
It is unethical for fast-food corporations in the US to mass produce their food for profit to consumers, especially their with their knowledge of the health implications that come with their product. Even though these large corporations are fully aware of the diseases and health issues being inflicted on their customers because of their products, their central focus is on making a greater profit. It is unethical for corporations to serve unhealthy food to their customers, and putting them in harms way in order to stay ahead of the competition. These corporations are also responsible of the negative impact they have had a part in deforestation and water contamination, due to their lack of diligence when transporting goods or production of wasteful packaging. I believe that it is extremely unethical for corporations to be blinded by their greed to make more money with the expense of everyone’s life put into jeopardy, as well as the lives of generations to come. It is unjust for these working conditions to continue being practiced in the workplace, creating a sense of uniformity in all employees with fit the standard mold of what is expected of them. Due to these large corporations having large amounts of potential applicants, employers find it easy to view their employees are

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