Why Is Communication Important? Essay

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Saying that being nervous is an understatement. Arriving to work in the emergency room on my first day, frightened me since I really did not know what to expect. One of the things that astounded me was the fact that communication plays a vital role in nursing. In order to go above and beyond the ordinary levels of nursing, acquiring verbal and nonverbal communication skills is an essential part in building personal and professional relationships. Communication is a dominant aspect of the health profession since it allows others to express themselves freely. In my experience, possessing these rules drastically helped me develop personally and academically.
Rule 1: Be Passionate
One of the essential concepts associated with success is the desire, willingness, and extraordinary effort to excel far beyond the ordinary educational expectations. One of the chief objectives of nursing is to care for others in their time of greatest need. A major thing that I have learned about the nursing field is that love and passion fuel nursing. Passion is the determination of accomplishing attainable goals by putting immense effort into something your heart desires. The principal reason that the majority of people become nurses is to make a difference in the lives of patients. Not only that, but nurses also strive to make a difference in their governmental and professional organizations. Without these crucial elements, then there is no point for anyone to practice nursing. This love and…

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