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Is College Worth it? Everyone in the United States wants to achieve the “American Dream”. People want to be able to provide a stable life for their families. A college education has been a must to grow in the work industry. But during this economic recession, college students have been having a difficult time staying in the college path, especially working class students. The lack of moral support from their families prevents these unfortunate students to finish their college education. The increase of college tuition and limited financial aid are causing students to go into debt, making them hesitant whether they should keep studying or not. Also it’s preventing students from picking needed major but because the low paycheck they are …show more content…
If the financial aid system is not reformed soon there is going to be more students having to leave their college education behind when no longer can go into debt.
College should become cheaper so the students won’t have to choose between their passions versus their stability. With their debts increasing every year students are researching if their majors are worth it to pay back their debts and be able to sustain them. According to the State Public Interest Research Group’s Higher Education Project, “23 percent of students who graduate from public universities would face unmanageable debt burdens if they entered teaching based upon average starting salaries.” Loans are causing college students to stay away from majors that won’t have a beneficial because these majors will not have an income strong enough to hold on to. Although these students want to study something that will essentially benefit the whole society they won’t be able to do so unless there is a change in the college system.
Even though students are told they have to go to college, students are often found to give up as soon as they walk in the campus because they feel they are not ready for college. They try to take classes but they leave feeling overwhelmed by either the content of the class or their lack of enthusiasm to be in the classroom. In the article Why Do So Many Americans Drop Out of College?, Jordan Weissman says “But once they get to class, not every

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