Why I Want To Go To College Essay

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When we were younger, we all pondered about going to college. We had many dreams as kids, being a police officer, a doctor, etc. As we get older however, we question if college is right for us and if it is something we still want to do. We contemplate about the path ahead of us after high school. I, myself, think it is a great idea to go to a 4 year college because of the valuable experience and general education earned at a university. I have a career set in front of me, and there are steps I will take to get me where I desire to be. To begin, a 4 year college provides a whole different experience compared to high school. I and a few other classmates were given the chance to interview seniors, college students, and even teachers. Many of the interviewees said there is a shock when transitioning themselves into the college lifestyle. I am independant; I can do whatever I feel so choose. It’s my responsibility to go to class or not as my teachers don't nag me for being late or wonder why I am tardy. In addition, if I am away from home, I don’t have my parents to back me up. Everyone has a budget and you live in a dorm with people you don’t know. You forge new relationships and …show more content…
I plan on being a computer science major so I can be a software engineer, or something along those lines. I will try to sign for as many scholarships as I can to make it easier to pay off the tuition fee. I’ll probably apply to UC Berkeley or Cal Poly for the engineering programs they offer. I might also apply to other schools such as UC Irvine or the Art College of Design if I may decide to switch careers. The first 2 years will be my G.E. and soon after I will take other classes. With a degree, I will try to get hired in a computer company that I want to work for most of my life. The beginning of my career starts with college and ends with a job. This is who I wanna be and this is the path I chose to

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