Why I Want To Be A Scholarship Essay

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My family immigrated to America in 1999. Even at the tender age of five I was full of excitement, nerves, and a lot of hope that this new country held for me. I knew that I could pursue any profession I wanted to be when I got older and this made me very focused in school knowing that I needed to be the best student that I could be. I always knew I wanted to work with kids because I enjoyed their resilient nature. At first I wanted to be a preschool or elementary school teacher because teachers play an important role in helping to shape the future leaders of our world. I also thought about becoming a speech pathologist because I started to develop an interest in the health field during my senior year of high school after taking AP Bio, and …show more content…
Whenever I went to the pediatrician, I loved my pediatric nurse. The nurse always made me feel less scared about my visit to the doctor and gave me a sense of serenity in my time of anxiety. Alongside liking kids, I am always a kid at heart myself. With busy schedules, and responsibilities that pile up every year it can be easy to forget why I am where I am in the first place. In the times that I do feel stressed I think back to my 5 year old energetic and hopeful self and realize that I still have that resilience in me today. This makes me know that I want to work with children who may need a little spring of hope themselves and who will spread their energy and hope onto others around them such as myself in the midst of a busy day. One of my favorite quotes said by my female inspiration Mother Teresa is, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” My goal is to be a good pediatric nurse, and work my way up to an NP or nurse manager. I aspire to help children and families who need my service. I want to do my small role with the minute population that I encounter throughout my career with as much love as possible. I have hopes of being someone who betters the lives of these patients, who can go on to better the lives of many other

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