Why I Shouldn 't Be Pretty Essay example

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I used to be pretty.
I don 't want to brag or anything, but it 's true. Long blond hair, big green eyes and a skinny frame. Not enough to be a model or anything, but enough to make it through middle school with a level of self-confidence that most didn 't have.
But that didn 't last long. Today, I avoid looking at water, glass, mirrors- anything that 's reflective. Today, I stay at home for weeks on end, taking classes online, avoiding cameras and people. Today, I am scarred.

It was only the week before the fire that my fire alarms started to beep, warning me that the batteries were low. I grew annoyed and ripped them out, promising myself I 'd buy more soon. There was a post in note somewhere in the kitchen with “buy batteries” written in rushed handwriting. At least, there was before the fire. Now the reminder is reduced to ashes, a sort of ironic reminder of a missed chance.
There’s a support group for us. Not people from my apartment, specifically, but burn victims. I didn’t realize before how many there were in Pheonix. Probably because we’re not the most social bunch in the world.

I was scared my first meeting. All of these faces, deformed, melted. It looked like a room full of wax figures stationed in the desert, frozen in this eternal state of decay. I almost screamed and ran out the door before I remembered that I was one of them, too. These were now my people.

But the group had something to offer that I was having a hard time finding outside of the hospital:…

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