Why I Should Be A Teacher Essay

759 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
I am a senior in high school and it is ideal to know what major you would like to take up when you go to college. I have an interest in being a teacher when I grow up. I am not concrete about my decision because I do not want to cross out the possibility that I may like something else but, I want to be a teacher for now. To be a teacher you have to have a secondary education and pursue for a master 's degree or doctorate degree in graduate school. I am taking online courses in college now so that in the long run, I can start my teaching career as soon as possible. There are many reasons why I would like to be a teacher. My first reason for being a teacher is because I believe that children are the future of the world. My Second reason why I want to be teacher is because you get to make a connection with your students and have an actual impact in their lives. Another reason why I want to be a teacher is I enjoy taking the time to help people out in many ways and guide people in the right direction.
I think education is very important and children are the future of the world. So, if you think like that, wouldn 't you want to be a part of giving them a proper education? I think knowledge is a powerful tool in being successful in life. When you have proper knowledge and use it correctly, you could be a millionaire or anything you want to be. Children grow up to be doctors, engineers, artists, inventors, and so much more. If I needed a surgery done, I would not want someone…

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