Why I Learned At The School Of Pharmacy Essay

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When I was in high school, I noticed how my grandfather used to heal some sicknesses; such as diabetus by using the natural products; for instance, extracts from regional plants. I remember when my grandmother was diagnosed as diabetus patiant and how the diabetus affected her lifestyle; and how many medications were described to her and how she was unsatisfied about the changing in her lifestyle. I remember how my grandfather used one of plant extracts from traditional folk medicine in my country to control her blood glucose level. That approach of treatment fascinated me and encouraged me to become curious about what the dibetus is, and what the mechanism of this disease, and how I can understand the mechansm of this disease in biological system. After high school, I was wondering about the major that is dealing with and meeting my interest toward Pharmacological and toxicological sciences until my grandfather who was the godfather for me at that time encouraged me to attend school of pharmacy. Studying at the school of pharmacy gave me the opportunity to study the subjects that focus on basises of physiology and antatomy, pharmacology, toxicology, therapeutics, bioassay, and clinical pharmacy and emargency medicine. Additionally, my graduate project and practical work in the Medicinal Chemistry Department in the final year of B.Sc. Pharmacy taught me how to behave in a laboratory, including key areas such as health and safety and a basis for good laboratory practice.…

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