Why I Don 't Not For My Community Essay

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I am Chris Barker and I am a person that has stared into the face of pain and sadness and come out able to express emotions with ease but is unwilling to do so. The reason I don 't is due to the fact that I feel that they are overused by now and I don 't really have a reason to show them unless it 's something I find especially funny or sad and those Moments don 't come around often. Born and raised in Athens, GA I have taken the city person mind set rather than the countryside one that many people in Georgia have and feel that the rural life wouldn 't suit me as well I would prefer a more suburban area to live in so that I can have a nice place where I can still reach places I like to go easily. I care for my community but not to the extent to actually actively help it unless necessary. I have an interest in helping other through hard time so they don 't have to feel the same pain that I have felt before when my Mom divorced my Dad. I am a gamer who gets attached to characters in them especially to ones where they die or have losses of there own. In fact i would even go as far as to say that I feel more towards characters in games.

When I finally got to see my Mom again after my parents divorced I felt the safest that I had ever felt in all of my life. I had not been allowed to see her up till then and i got to go places with her and my sisters. We went with her to go see movies and eat diner at places that we didn 't really go. It was fun and was a time where I felt…

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