Why I Don 't Much Care For Myself Essay

1412 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 6 Pages
I fumbled with the keys of my car before entering the right one into the lock and twisting. Ashton had asked me to come over because he had people over and wanted to hang out so why not? As I cruised down Chermin Road, I rolled the windows down and let the wind blow through my hair and lit up a cigarette. My mom told me to quit smoking but she hasn’t ever threatened to do anything if I don’t so there’s really no consequence other than the whole health factor but if you knew me at all you’d know that I don’t much care for myself. I took a right turn on McCain Road; there was a curve at the end of this road that I had a habit of sliding around but with my bald tires in mind I decided against it. I pulled into Ashton’s drive way and I could already hear the pit bulls barking in back. Ashton’s Uncle Tyce bred pit bulls for fighting purposes and it gets pretty brutal. I walked in without knocking; on the couch was Ashton’s mom and she was no doubt passed out drunk judging by the multiple beer bottles scattering the area around the black leather furniture. You wouldn’t suspect that a family like Ashton’s would live in such a nice place but they have a lot. As I made my way towards the staircase at the back of the house, I heard my friends laughing and coughing and having a good time. They were probably smoking and sure enough my assumptions were proven true when I got to the bottom of the staircase and smoke was bellowing up from under the door. I walked in and there was Ashton…

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