Why I Don 't Dad 's Life Essay

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“Yeah my mom and I move a lot because of her job”
That’s what I told my friends in Bloomfield when they saw me
I 've switched back and forth out of this school 3 times now.
Mom has no job right now, we live with my Aunt.. again.
Everything has changed since Matt took Mathew away
I didn’t know dad’s could take sons away from mothers
Mom cries a lot- she thinks I don 't know but I hear her
I never thought of Matthew as my half brother
That was until the court made it apparent to me.
That was 3 years ago.Yet it feels like yesterday.
I hate living in Bloomfield- she threatened me today
Told me to stop talking to this boy I don 't even know.

Wela’s in the hospital- her asthma’’s acting up
Stage 3 lung cancer it all became a blur from there
They talked to the doctor in the corner in hushed tones
“We can make her as comfortable as possible”
She never even smoked… How did this happen to her?
She was the only grandparent I ever knew.
My mother grew up without a father in her life
My father 's dad passed when I was still just a baby
And my father’s mom never wanted to know me.
I was Wela’s “princess” she cared and looked after me
She couldn 't make american food for the life of her
But her arroz y habichuelas were amazing
I never learned the recipe it like her left too soon. Wela left us with a blessing worth $10,000
Enough for my mother and I to get our own home
Just in time too, her death tore our family apart
She was the foundation of our crumbling family tree
Our new…

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