Chapter Summary: The Catcher In The Rye

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After the carrousel ended, old Phoebe ran up to me. I wiped the tears away fast, I didn 't want old Phoebe to see me crying. It was still raining, and I saw her shivering. I took off my red hunting hat ,and placed it on her head. “Let’s go home,” old Phoebe said. She grabbed my hand ,and took me in the direction of home, she is so damn smart, I can 't believe it. We were close to the house ,and old Phoebe said, “I hope Daddy won 't kill you,” After she said that I just kept thinking of what could happen, even if he gets mad he would feel bad that I have cancer ,and they will be more focused on the fact that I have cancer than the fact that I got kicked out of Pencey. Old Phoebe kept on talking about what she probably missed from school, I …show more content…
I don 't know why Stradlater would think that, we haven 't talked in years.” Now her face looked relieved. “ Well, that 's all I wanted to talk about. Goodbye Holden” She walked up and left. I don 't know why I didn 't stop her. I don 't know why I lied. After that I got up and put a couple dollars on the table. I know have none of Phoebe 's money left. I left and started walking home and I felt like I was dying. I started pretending again that I had a bullet wound and I needed Sally to stitch up my wound. I walked to a phone booth and called Sally her grandma answered again and when I asked her where she was she said she was on a date. I threw the phone on the ground. It was attached so it just hung there. I started walking home and I felt really light headed. That 's the last thing I remember, I woke up in some sort of hospital bed. The walls were beige and they had nothing on them. I saw someone outside the door and I asked them where I was and this girl in a white lab coat said I was in a psychiatric hospital in California. I asked her how I got there and she said that I fainted and when I woke up in the hospital, I went crazy and punched a doctor in the face and blacked out and they brought me here. I don 't remember that I did that. At first I was like no that can’t be me, I would never sock someone in the jaw. I couldn 't, but she said I did. I guess I’m not yellow anymore. I guess that 's the end of my story for right now, D.B. visits me all the time he shows me letters that my mom sent and he told me before I woke up Pheobe came and brought me my red hunting hat back and he gave it to me and I put it on. Even Jane wrote me a letter, It was really phony

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