Narrative Essay On Catcher In The Rye

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Holden’s story

Tucker Avonda
Mr. Matarazzo
English 9
October 24, 2014

A forever classic book, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger discusses the life changing journey of Holden Caulfield through New York in the wintertime. Holden has been kicked out of three prep schools in his three years of high school, the latest being the prestigious Pencey Prep. Upon receiving news of his impending expulsion, Holden takes a train to New York to stay in a hotel. While on this journey, Holden grows as a teenager and as a person. Holden’s innermost thoughts are captured without a filter, allowing us to see into his life.
This unusual view into how the mind of a teenager provides for some interesting, albeit uncomfortable moments. I am recording the conversation between Holden and the therapist his parents want him to speak to.
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How are you today?
Holden: I 'm the same I have been for the last week, did you expect anything different?
Therapist: It 's an expression... Why don’t we start at the beginning?... When Allie died?
Holden: Don’t act like you know Allie, You never knew Allie, so why don’t you keep your big phoney nose out of it.
Therapist: It sounds like a touchy subject to you… Do you want to talk about it?
Holden: I did all my talking when Allie died, I don’t want to bring up anything that should be left back then.
Therapist: Okay then… How about we talk about you and Stradlater’s fight?
Holden: What about the fight? What happened happened.
Therapist: What did happen Holden?
Holden: That sonovabitch kicked my ass… I thought that was pretty clear.
Therapist: How did it feel?
Holden: How did you think it felt? That bastard beat me

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