How Did Holden's Desperate Need For Companionship?

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Chapters 8 – 11
1. How did Holden deceive Mrs. Morrow, the woman he met on the train?
a. He told her that his name was Rudolf Schmidt, and she believed him.
2. What events in Chapter Nine revealed Holden’s desperate need for companionship?
a. Holden kept thinking about calling different people. He wants to talk to someone.
3. Briefly describe Phoebe as seen through Holden’s eyes.
a. Phoebe is “pretty and smart” (Salinger 67). She has nice, pretty little ears. She is also roller-skate skinny. Phoebe is also a little too affectionate.
4. Who was Bernice? Where did Holden meet her? What did Holden admire most about her? What did he dislike about her?
a. Bernice is the blonde girl that Holden danced with at the Lavender Room. He liked that she
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Why did Holden give the two nuns a ten-dollar contribution?
a. One nun dropped her basket on the floor, and Holden picked it up for her. He wanted to help them out in any way that he could, so he gave them the ten-dollar contribution.
4. Who was Holden’s favorite character in Romeo and Juliet? Why do you think this character was his favorite?
a. His favorite character is Mercutio. He says that Mercutio was smart and entertaining. Mercutio also reminds Holden of Allie. He said that it drives him crazy for someone to get killed because of someone else’s fault. Mercutio and Allie both died from of an outside power.
5. What did Holden find attractive about the family he followed down the street? What song was the child in that family singing? How did Holden react to the boy and the song?
a. It proved to him that a poor family can even be happy. The child was singing the song “If a body catch a body coming through the rye.” This made Holden feel less depressed about life.

6. Which scene in Hamlet did Holden like best? Why do you think he liked it?
a. His favorite scene is when Ophelia’s brother is going away and his father is giving him a lot of advice. Ophelia horses around when his father is giving the advice. This scene in Hamlet is like what happened between Holden and Mr. Spencer. It gives him something to
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Holden is not confident enough to talk to Jane. He is also annoyed that she might have been “given the time” with Stradlater. This reveals that Holden is emotionally unstable and insecure. He has talked for many chapters saying that he wants to talk to Jane, but is unsuccessful in that goal.
2. What does the museum stand for? How had being in the museum in the past affected Holden. Why did it affect him in that way? Why wouldn’t Holden enter the museum when he finally arrived?
a. The museum stands for the past. It makes Holden feel at home because nothing has changed. He says that the only thing different is the person looking at the exhibits. It affected Holden because he hates change, and wants everything to be the way it used to be. Holden did not enter the museum because he realized that he has changed.
3. Why do you think Holden had a strong, negative feelings about so many people and objects? Do you share any of his feelings?
a. Holden is different from society. Because of that, Holden feels like everything he does is normal, while everyone else is weird or phony. I do share that people are different, but we must be able to accept that. I do not share most of his comments made to other

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