Gatsby And Catcher In The Rye Analysis

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Daniel Cho
AP Literature
Two Minds Think A Like The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye have two similar characters, Jay Gatsby and Holden Caulfield, who have faced similar obstacles, the lack of love. The two protagonists tried to gain attention from others, which they suffered from negative effects. The negativity had taken a huge affect on them because the characters became delusional to what reality. The outcome wouldn’t have happened if these two protagonists were just willingly to admit the obstacles that they had to overcome and should have not exacerbate their situation. Even though the outcomes were inevitable, the characters have focused on an issue that is considered to be paramount to them, which one lead to one’s
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Jay described his past as something paramount especially his relationship with Daisy. He first talked about Daisy was this “first ‘nice’ girl he had ever known (158, iPad)” and “felt married to her, that was all (159,iPad).” However, Jay was a powerful and smart soldier who had to get an education at Oxford became going to Oxford was a “family tradition (70, iPad).” Daisy was confused why Jay couldn’t come to see her even though Jay had professed his love to her through the letter he has sent during his time at college and his service at “[World War I] (5, iPad).” As a result, Daisy had called off their relationship and married Tom Buchanan, who has a secret girlfriend name Myrtle. Tom Buchanan was depicted as a man who has “[a family that was wealthy and he has played football at New Haven] (9,iPad).” Daisy couldn 't have given up the opportunity because she was skeptical whether or not Jay is going to ever return or will love her the same after graduating from Oxford. Daisy had made a wise decision, but …show more content…
Gatsby had first bought a “[huge] mansion (137-140,iPad)” that was next door to her house and arranged many parties so that Gatsby could see Daisy constantly. Since Jay Gatsby was too impatient, Jay knew that Nick has a family relationship with Daisy, so Jay had sent one of his “[employees to cross Nick’s garden and give him the invitation] (45,iPad).” Jay was ecstatic that Daisy had come to her house. As a result, Jay had tried to win Daisy’s affection with wealth and it does work because “Daisy bent her head into the shirts and began to cry stormily when she saw silk and fine flannel pile of shirt (99, iPad).” However, a second arrangement was made later and Jay had allowed Tom to come along with Nick and Jordan Barker. Daisy had informed Tom that “[she has] never loved [him] (139, iPad),” but Daisy was ambivalent about her true love because she said, “even alone [she] can’t say [she never loved Tom], she admitted in a pitiful voice. It wouldn’t be true (142, iPad).” As much as Jay had wanted to continue to profess his love for her, Jay believed that wealth is

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