Why I Didn 't Kill You Essay

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After the carrousel ended, old Phoebe ran up to me. I wiped the tears away fast, I didn 't want old Phoebe to see me crying. It was still raining, and I saw her shivering. I took off my red hunting hat ,and placed it on her head. “Let’s go home,” old Phoebe said. She grabbed my hand ,and took me in the direction of home, she is so damn smart, I can 't believe it. We were close to the house ,and old Phoebe said, “I hope Daddy won 't kill you,” After she said that I just kept thinking of what could happen, even if he gets mad he would feel bad that I have cancer ,and they will be more focused on the fact that I have cancer than the fact that I got kicked out of Pencey. Old Phoebe kept on talking about what she probably missed from school, I stopped listening after a while.
By the time we got into our house I saw my mother crying, so in a whisper I said, “Phoebe go see what mom is crying about i 'm going outside for a second.” She said, quite loud, but my mom was too busy crying to hear her, “Holden you promised. Don 't leave.” I told her I was just stepping outside to get some air, but she grabbed my hand ,and wouldn 't let go ,and then she screamed, “MOM Holden’s home.” My mom immediately stopped crying ,and looked dumbfounded.
“ Phoebe where have you been? Your school called ,and said you didn 't come back to school after lunch, I was so worried.”
Phoebe said, “ Holden took me on the carousel, it was so much fun mommy ,and then Holden…”
My mom cut her off ,and looked…

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