Why I Am A Successful College Student Essay

1093 Words Dec 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Coming straight out of high school to this class I wasn’t ready my high school teachers didn’t give me the knowledge that I needed so I can be a successful college student. The class Fundamentals of Writing was a class that me as student was worried about coming straight out of high school me personally, I didn’t think I had the skills I needed to be able to come into this class and do well in it. Writing my first paper I was a little lost with the whole rhetorical situation I didn’t really understand where to start. For the writing I knew It was going to be tough I didn’t have the skills that were required for the college courses. As the time has passed by I have learned a lot not only have I learned the skills that are useful I have learned different ways to apply these skills. My writing has come a long way I think not only because we have written so many papers but having our peers read over what we have wrote and giving us a different point of view of different things. I think the best activity is when we had to give feedback on others papers giving them different ways to write things. Your peers can make your paper so much better just because they a have different thinking process than yourself does. In this paper I will be explaining how my views of writer have changed. I discus the components such as our rhetorical analysis, activities we have done and how the articles have helped us understand the ways of writing. This should let you understand the steps not only…

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