Why Guns Should Be Abolished Essay

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In the Essay “Why Handguns Must Be Outlawed” Nan Desuka makes some valid and interesting points about handguns and why they should be abolished. There are some handgun laws that should be in place and some that make no sense at all. But abolishment of handguns all together is a step in the wrong direction. Handguns are a tool just like any other tool in one's belt they can be used for good or evil and has no malicious intentions itself the user is the thing that is good or evil. First thing that comes to mind when you think of a bad person is criminals and they should be the first thing that should be modified or abolished to help reduce the amount of gun related incidents and overall criminal incidents. Secondly handguns are also an issue when it comes to abolishing the use of handguns by civilians but being so readily available it is hard to get rid of all of them. Coupled with human ingenuity one will always find a way to make a handguns no matter what if they are needed. Lastly media intervention or media hype can help to influence a …show more content…
Reforming the way we take in a prosecute criminals to help reduce the amount of criminals on the streets is a good way to start the process. Teaching people how to use handguns safely and how to store them properly can help in the negligent use of a handgun while reducing the amount of accessibility to criminals. Also people in a major roles in society like Senators, Congress People, Representatives, etc… should go over their information before they start giving false information and ruining their image. This puts distrust in the American people making them second guess if what one is saying is totally true or not. There are many ways to reduce the amount of handgun violence without getting rid of handguns

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