Why Gun Control Is Not The Right Essay

1330 Words Dec 16th, 2015 null Page
The recent mass shootings these past few years has caused a great debate among government officials as well as the public. Most liberal people are trying to pass gun laws that limit what people can and cannot have. They are also trying to enforce mandatory background checks when customers purchase a gun. They are taking away our second amendment rights which we have had since the creation of the bill of rights. We have had this amendment pretty much since we gained independence from Britain. However, ideas about limiting guns and taking away guns are not the right answers to fixing the problem of these mass shootings. Instead, we should be promoting guns. If the majority of people were to be properly educated on guns and all carried guns, we would all be protected against criminals with guns. We can defend ourselves from attacks and in turn, reduce the number of attacks. There are many reasons why gun control is not the answer to these shootings. My explanations are that guns are not the reason why these shootings are happening, it is the people. Also, criminals are still going to get their hands on guns, even if they were banned. Finally, mass shooters would be less likely to target areas where there is a high population of citizens who are carrying guns.
First, guns are not the problem to the mass shootings, the shooters themselves are. Limiting guns will not get rid of these attacks. Also, gun-related deaths are sometimes also caused because of improper handling of guns.…

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