Persuasive Essay On Banning Handguns

A ban on handguns
The weapon of choice for people across the United States is the handgun. Consequently, handguns are also the most sought after weapon by criminals. Handguns are everywhere. Since handguns are so easily accessible, they are sold on the black market and are readily available for criminals across the globe. Handguns are the most used weapon for crimes involving firearms. Many people believe that there must be a solution to the problem, but no one actually has a good answer. The majority of people who support gun control think that if handguns were completely banned, the problem would then dissipate. However, a ban on handguns would not prevent bad people from getting them, a ban would promote laws that are simply ineffective,
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Handguns are one of the best forms of self-defense. With the right training individuals could easily prevent many tragedies and crimes from occurring. Not mention, the police cannot be everywhere that they are needed at all times. Why would anyone think taking this away from citizens would be beneficial to the ongoing issue? Banning handguns will not prevent criminals from obtaining guns. What these laws will do however is keep perfectly right minded law abiding citizens from defending themselves. Without Handguns citizens are left much more vulnerable. If a ban on handguns went into place the only people that would break the law to obtain a handgun would be the criminals themselves. A law abiding citizen would not go out of their way to obtain a handgun and break the law, making them the only people without some means self-defense. People who plan on murdering someone are not going to stop and think about breaking a handgun violation if they are already planning on committing a much greater crime. All bans on handguns take away a valuable form of self-defense, leaving thousands maybe even millions of Americans at

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