Why Golden Retrievers Make Excellent Family Pets Essay

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Why Golden Retrievers Make Excellent Family Pets My love of animals goes back to when I was a little girl growing up on my grandpa’s farm. We had most of your normal farm animals; pigs, cows, chickens, heck I even had my own pony. But none were more lovable and enjoyable than our family dog. This particular breed was a border collie and was incredibly intelligent, loyal, and friendly. She was a bit hyper but to a little girl of ten, was the source of entertainment for many years. Plus, she sparked a desire in me to become a life-long family dog owner. As a result, over the last twenty years I have owned and trained many breeds; German Shepherds, bird dogs, hound dogs, Chihuahuas, collies, and a few mixed breeds. I have loved all of my dogs and have appreciated all of their unique characteristics. But, now that I have married and have kids around the house, it has become essential to pick a breed that is family friendly. Of all the canine breeds I have owned I find Golden Retrievers exceptionally desirable. With such attributes as mild temperament, high intelligence, and perpetual loyalty, I feel that Golden Retrievers make excellent family pets. Having raised and trained many different breeds, I saw first-hand the wide range of characteristics each breed possesses. This experience became valuable when I started a family. With small children running about the house I couldn’t afford the risk of owning a family pet with an unpredictable temperament, like those that I have…

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