Why Drinking And Driving Laws Should Be More Strict? Essay

1008 Words Nov 20th, 2015 5 Pages
“Lets party then die on our way home or kill someone!” Drunk driving can ruin lives like killing an innocent person, your family, and friends that you are with, or even killing yourself. This is why drinking and driving laws should be more strict or people to help people get home safely or have multiple sobriety checkpoint to make sure you are well enough to drive. Make the right decision and get a taxis, call a friend, or call family to drive you. One night, a friend was heading home from a study session with his teammate from his hockey team. He had high grades in all of classes and was given a full ride to Ohio State.The kid was a goalie for the Ohio State hockey team and had a contract for another team after the season. On his way home BOOM! he was hit head on and was killed instantly from a drunk driver and everything was taken away from him. His family, friends, and teammates were devastated and worked hard to teach why drunk driving is wrong. They also felt that the laws should be more strict to save lives. The United States says that drunk driving is safe as long as the blood alcohol is .08 or lower. (ValetiOn 1) Joseph said he was fine to drive because he only 3 beers in an hour which means his approximate blood alcohol level was .06. My brother and I agreed that we wouldn’t let him leave and if he needed to leave then I would be the designated driver so he can get home safely so that Joseph isn’t causing an accident on his way home. Joseph said drunk driving is…

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