Why Do You Consider Yourself A Leader? Essay

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Do you consider yourself a leader? Why or why not?

To answer this question properly I find it’s important to first define what a leader is to me. A leader to me is someone that has a vision. Not only that, they have the drive and determination to persistently act towards that change. To carry this out, it requires one to have specific leadership qualities. Character traits such as initiative, wit, integrity, organization, and perception. Whether these traits or similar attributes are born or forged, they are necessary to act effectively. Furthermore, a leader doesn’t posses these ‘leadership qualities’ because they lead, they lead because they posses the necessary qualities and character. This being said, I do consider myself to have the necessary qualities to lead and been made a leader because of them. How effective of a leader I am has continued to escalate, yet I believe the Pepsi program has great potential to build upon my rooted traits.

Who or what Inspires you?
A number of different factors contribute to my drive and inspiration. One factor being the cliché idea that you can achieve much if you are willing to work towards it. As well as the similar idea that life is always progressing forward. Often times we can be aside to this idea, however when one is aware of it, they act and progress themselves in that moment. In the moment being without hesitation. On another note, I find myself to be a spiritual and moral person. With that said, I strive to reflect well…

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