Why Do I Want To Be An Elementary School Teacher Essay

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Elementary School Teacher After researching the career of a elementary school teacher, I have decided to think about pursuing this career. There are many career choices out their. There is something for everyone 's interests. Many people have no idea what they want to do later on for their career. Also, many people in the world just settle for any career they can get, as long as it pays. I believe, as of now, that I want to be a elementary school teacher. Concerning typical daily tasks, elementary school teachers have a lot of tasks. Teachers of young kids need to be able to be there for them. If a child has difficulties, then, as a teacher, they should be able to counsel them through it. Also, the teacher needs to keep an eye on them while …show more content…
Teachers don’t always stand the entire time, but they also can’t just sit around. When teaching, or speaking in general, teachers need to be able to speak so the kids and other co-workers can understand one clearly. A lot of kids don’t do, so a teacher will need to try to understand them (“Physical Demands” 1). The most difficulties I would have with standing for a while would be my back is messed up, which would still be handleable. Understanding a child would be very simple for me to get use to. A difficulty would have to be speaking up. I have trouble speaking loud and …show more content…
I will need more education and some training first. I will definitely have to work on my history and science, too. Math is something that is important as well (“Knowledge” 1). I would probably love going to college for the training, especially when I actually get to be in a classroom. Science and History are my two worst subjects; they will need some work. Math would be something I could get through very easily. I have always been good at math.
For every career, one will need to prepare. A lot of times a career will require a high school diploma. An elementary teacher is one of them. After high school, a elementary teacher will need at least a Bachelor’s degree. During college they would need to complete a student teacher internship (“Preparation” 1). I already plan on graduating high school, so that won’t be a problem. Also, after high school I want to go to college for at least four years. During college a teaching internship would be very fun and interesting, in my

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